Favibooks Mini Usb Album


Create senses not just printed photos

CEO: Kostas Ordoumpozanis

email: Kostas@favibooks.gr

phone: +306972864663

website: www.favibooks.gr

1. The Problem

No one wants to see a bunch of just printed pictures any more.

Video and sound are also important in storytelling

We capture everything from our mobile phone

Creating printed albums that can also include video, sound and online content is a much better way to tell our story

2. The Soloution

Printed albums with embedded memory
to store in all our digitial files.

Made easy from an app in our phone
that can also play video audio or web files
over the printed images via augmented reality.

A new way to tell better our stories

3. Market Validation

Reports 6.5 million downloads of the mobile app.



Reports a revenue of 499 mil. from photofinishing for the year 2019

Reports 2 million users in their App.


4. Market Size

Augmented & Virtual
reality market

US $ 30.7 Bill

2024 projection: 296 Bill $

source: statista.com

European photo-printing
market (2019)

US $ 0.45 Bill

2027 projection: 0.8 Bill $

source: cognitivemarketresearch.com

T.A.M. OVER 1 mill. users

5. Product Description